services / photo editing

Enhance your images and improve your brand’s digital presence!

We offer a wide selection of photo enhancement services. Regardless of whether you want to bring some life to your images by enhancing the colors and contrast or you want to remove objects and background – we got you covered!

move the slider to see before /left/ and after /right/

General photo editing

Make your image pop!

We can enhance your photos by improving contrast, colors, exposure – we can simply make them pop! This also includes sharpening and other general enhancements. We can prepare all edited images for various use cases, such as web use /carefully resizing and compressing them to fit your needs/.

Object removal

We can make your photos perfect by removing unwanted items. From labels to cables, we got you covered!

  • unnecessary object removal
  • fixes where needed
  • fixing perspective
  • merging multiple images
  • sky replacement


Shop stickers removed

Here, the final image is a combination of 3 bracketed shots for the light/dark areas. Upon stitching the 3 images, general corrections have been applied, perspective has been corrected as well. The sky was replaced to complement the interior, many small elements have been removed and as a final touch we added fire in the fireplace. 

General corrections + Perspective + elements clean-up + Sky replacement

Background removal & Realistic shadows

We can remove the background of your images so you can use them to create catalogues, brochures or simply add them as elements to your websites. Want to change the background to something else – we got you covered! On top of that we could add realistic shadows to the cut out elements and make them stand out!